The ISHHR Conference has been moved to October 2017! 

We must announce the ISHHR Conference is postponed until October 2017

We apologise to any participants who may be inconvenienced by this decision; however, we are certain that postponing the ISHHR Conference to October next year will enable us to ensure that the ISHHR Conference is a high-quality international event that is widely attended by participants from across the globe.

For those of you who have submitted abstracts, thank you very much for your submissions. We will retain your abstracts for the ISHHR Conference in October 2017, as the key focus areas and objectives of the event will not change. Should you wish to revise your abstract, you are certainly welcome to do so, you need only to notify us.

It’s important to highlight that the location of the Conference will not change; the event will still take place in the city of Novi Sad in Serbia.