ISHHR Webinars in 2021

Conversations on the way to Medellin
Loes van Wiligen, founder and Honorary President of ISHHR, suggested arranging in this time of crisis a series of webinars, alternating between English and Spanish. These “Conversations” could prepare the ground for our planned capacity-building and the International Conference in  Colombia in 2022 in cooperation with Colombian partners. Facilitators and front-workers from Colombia and around the world could share perspectives on their work with the final beneficiaries: women and men in Colombia and other post-conflict countries – tools for coping and healing.

Webinar #1: ReConectando and Territorio Sagrado

Webinar #1 is available on video here:

After the success of the first webinar with Hector Aristizabal (in Spanish) on his work with survivors for the Truth Commission in the Territorio Sagrado,

Webinar #2: Learning in Times of Crisis: Ending Violence, Healing Trauma, Building Peace

…ISHHR was proud to present Webinar #2, this time in English, with noted speakers:

Nora Sveaass,
professor emerita from the University of Oslo, served on the UN Committee against Torture, decorated by HM King Harald for her work with Human Rights.
   Theme:  Supporting survivors of sexual and gender based violence in conflict and their helpers – A brief presentation of a training manual on mental health in the context of SGBV

Hector Aristizabal,
psychologist, human rights defender, and performance artist from Medellin, and leader of <>, has worked with the Colombian Truth and Reconciliation Commission since 2016
   Theme: the Sacred Territory – using the methodologies of eco-dialog to open minds to the interrelation and interdependency of nature and humanity

Boris Drozdek,
psychiatrist and psychotherapist at De Hemisfeer, NL, editor and author of acclaimed books synthesizing insights from psychiatry, social psychology, and anthropology in a framework for a culturally informed therapy.
   Theme:  A Developmental, Time and Context-Sensitive Perspective on Stress and Resilience

Dr Cécile Rousseau,
Professor, Division of Social and Cultural Psychiatry, McGill University, currently working with refugee children and adolescents from Southeast Asia, Central America, and Somalia.
   Theme:   The pandemic context and its consequences for social inequities, social conflicts and human rights.

David Danto,
Head of Psychology at the University of Guelph-Humber and Chair of the Canadian Psychological Association Standing Committee on Reconciliation.
   Theme: “Allyship, Indigenous Knowledge and Mental Health”- about being supportive of Indigenous approaches to healing that are already in the community.

The speakers addressed and invited to discussion on issues of interest for all who work with post-conflict survivors.

Webinar #2 is available on video:

Webinar #3: Mental Health Post Conflict

On December 6, 2021, an exciting group of scholars, women and men from Colombia, Chile/Peru /De and Brasil /Pt addressed themes related to Post-Conflict Mental Health in a live-streamed webinar – in Spanish.

At the 3rd webinar, the speakers approached post-conflict mental health from their professional perspectives. Here are their brief profiles and topics:

Steven Orozco Arcila (Colombia),
Professor at the National School of Public Health – Universidad de Antioquia. Coordinator Doctorate in Public Health.
   Theme: Effects of the Colombian conflict on mental health

Tatiana Moura (Brasil / Pt.),
Researcher at the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra and Coordinator of the Masculinities Platform.
   Theme: Gender, Masculinities and Conflicts

Juan David Villa Gomez (Colombia),
Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology, Universidad Pontificia Boliviarana, Medellín.
   Theme: Psychosocial trauma, polarization and psychosocial barriers for the construction of peace – the case of Colombia

Anamaria Silva Saavedra (Peru / De),
PhD, Psychologist and licensed psychotherapist.
   Theme: About resources and expectations. A personal reflection. Lessons learned during field-work in post-conflict Peru

Sofía Colorado Valencia, (psychologist, ISHHR Councilmember, and native of Medellín) presented the speakers.

Hector Aristizabal of  connected us all virtually to Medellín.

Webinar #3 is available on video here:

Webinar #4: Health, Well-being and Resilience

People find ways to health and well-being in communion with nature, by remembering the wisdom of the past, by learning trust.

On March 10, 2022, ISHHR proudly presented three scholars – from Chile/Peru/De., Netherlands, and Brasil /Pt. – who addressed the theme Health, Wellbeing, and Resilience from their perspectives in a live-streamed webinar – this time in English.

ISHHR’s current cycle of Meetings lays the groundwork for a capacity-building program and an international conference in Colombia late in 2022, combining live participation and digital presentations.
Then, facilitators from Colombia and around the world will meet, benefit and learn as they train others and present their work on issues related to mental health, safety, justice, and accountability to an international audience. Participants may learn some “How To” skills and insights that can help and inspire their work with survivors.
At the 4th webinar, the speakers approached SDG3 from their professional experience of how health and wellbeing may be attained.

Here are their brief profiles and topics:
Anamaria Silva Saavedra,
(Chile/Peru/Germany) Dr. phil., psychologist and licensed psychotherapist, did fieldwork in post-conflict Peru as an expert in the context of a program for the prevention of violence and peace-building funded by the German government.
   Theme: Mistaken Expectations? What the target population can teach the expert

Ruud Jongedijk,
Psychiatrist, ARQ National Psychotrauma Center, NL < > developed and implemented Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) in the Netherlands, provides certified NET-trainings and supervision to trauma therapists around the world, and has written more than 40 national and international scientific publications.
   Theme: Trauma treatment along the lifeline: Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) for traumatized survivors

Joana Proença Becker
(Brasil/ Portugal) Psychotherapist; Invited Assistant at the University of Coimbra (UC); PhD Cand. in Clinical Psychology UC; Researcher at the Trauma Observatory/CES – UC; Member of ESTSS Future International Leadership Group and ISHHR Scientific Committee.
   Theme: Effects of dynamic psychotherapy (DP) in the treatment of firefighters with PTSD symptoms: risk and protective factors for the development of stress-related diseases and how we as health professionals, can help.
Photos with the courtesy of
Webinar #4 is available on video here: