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The title of the 2017 ISHHR Conference was Mental health, mass people displacement and ethnic minorities and it focused on the displacement of communities as a result of conflict, the phenomenon of mass-traumatisation and the response of the European neighbourhood (particularly Central Europe) to the mass influx from the Middle East and North Africa (particularly as a result of the Syrian crisis). 

Presenter Q&As

A series of candid one-on-one conversations with key presenters from the ISHHR 2017 conference discussing their research, key issues in the sector, and how the media can help their cause.

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Photo Gallery

A selection of images from ISHHR 2017, capturing key moments from the event across both the workshops and conference days, as well as attendee & presenter portraits, and social shots from the opening & closing celebrations.

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Dubrovnik Summer School of Psychotraumatology

The ISHHR Council is proud to support its partners in delivering the Dubrovnik Summer School of Psychotraumatology for 2018! The School’s focus on ‘Improving Craftsmanship: understanding and assisting survivors of early childhood, war, and other man-made traumas across cultures’ is highly relevant to the mission and objectives of ISHHR, and the work of ISHHR delegates and subscribers. 

Meet your new ISHHR Council

The ISHHR Council are elected by members of the organisation at each ISHHR Conference. The Council operates as a steering-committee that guides the decisions and actions made by ISHHR as an organisation.

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Conference Program Released!
We are happy to announce the release of this year’s Conference Program. It covers the planned daily agenda for both the workshops on days 1 & 2 and the time slots for our speakers and key topics up for discussion.
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The ISHHR Secretariat and Council are thrilled to announce, the 11th ISHHR Conference will take place in Medellín, Colombia, in 2020!

More details about the conference, including the conference theme, dates, and registration details, will be released shortly.