Social Resources as a basis for urgent interventions

by Bojana Skorc

Focus Summary

In the situations of mass migration, when the standard methods of support and intervention are not fully available, it appears that the identification and initiation of social, intergroup resources of the people in refuge and migration could mitigate this deficiency. The methods of work are based on group sharing, the use of means of expression such as drawing, rhythm, song, body movement and dramatic expression. The process of designing a creative answer to the personal and collective crisis, is at the same time the process of facing, feeling and elaborating traumatic experience. Sharing in a group, game play, support, compassion and openness to all forms of expression, creates the opportunity for a new way of living in which the traumatic experience gradually becomes an integrated part of the life plan, the inhibiting mechanism turning into the fact of life with which it is possible and worth living on.

Key Insights

  • Human being is social and social resources are basis for human existence – in a moment of crisis they become basis for support, intervention and positive change of life position.
  • Group work, workshops, games, art activities, creative play are tools to psychological support.

Key take-outs from the ISHHR 2017 Conference (industry feedback, networking, peer presentations):

Exchange with activists from other fields was valuable and interesting.

Future goals — what’s next?

Future goals: development of human community; support to silent voices; creation of tolerant, open, transparent environment for learning and change.

How can local / national / international media better assist in bringing the vital issues discussed at ISHHR 2017 to light, and further encourage real, positive change and understanding?

Media are much more interested in profit than in the service of truth and human community development.