Credibility Analysis in Asylum Procedures

Dr.Pau Perez Sales
(Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash )

Focus Summary

Discuss the importance of credibility analysis in the Istanbul Protocol in front of classical clinical reports; discuss the ethical challenges and propose a methodology.

Key Insights

  • Credibility analysis as an ethical duty for documenting cases of survivors of torture where there is no other way to probe (no witnesses, no visible scars…)
  • Credibility analysis is much more than intuition. Is a complex process of cross-check of elements linked to the interview, analysis of discourse, triangulation of external sources, clinical and medical analysis of impacts and sequels and psychometric analysis, among other elements.
  • The Standard Checklist for Credibility Analysis (SEC) is a tool that helps to systematize the process (Pérez-Sales (2016). Psychological Torture. Definition, evaluation and measurement. Routledge Books).

Key take-outs from the ISHHR 2017 Conference (industry feedback, networking, peer presentations)

Useful interaction/networking with and attendance of] forensic experts; clinical psychologists, and lawyers.

Future goals — what’s next?

Analyse the impact of credibility analysis on judges’ decisions regarding cases of torture.

How can local / national / international media better assist in bringing the vital issues discussed at ISHHR 2017 to light, and further encourage real, positive change and understanding?

I have almost always had positive interactions with press.